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15hh 10 year old Piebald Mare

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Very Pretty 15hh 10 year old Piebald Mare for sale

An Honest Ad 

Rose is very pretty and has a mainly black body, black tail and mainly black mane. She is piebold but can look brown with a summer coat (as pictured). 

Rose is good in the field with others and fantastic to leave alone, therefore a great asset as a companion if you have a horse you wish to ride and take out competing.

She will stand nicely at a mounting block

Great with dogs/cats and to do jobs on the field while she is in it... she takes no notice.

Farrier - She is good with the farrier, but can be awkward with picking her feet out for you but this is improving all the time, apart from that she is good to handle on the ground.  

Rose can live in or out and is stabled at night at the moment but is happier living out.

Vet - She was wary of the vet when vaccinated but manageable, with reassurance.

Clip – Difficult to clip, but got there in the end and managed a trace.  We could of taken the whole body off but did not like it up near her neck.  I am assuming in her previous homes she has not done very much - so maybe this is all new to her as when we purchased her the previous owner said she had been mainly in the field as a companion to her ponies.

She suffered from mild sweetitch in her mane in the summer but we managed this with a fly rug and cream.  Fine at the moment.

She has not been with us very long but has proved to be fine with traffic and hacking alone or in company. She goes first or last and has had canters out alone and in company.

She has had a jump with us – just a small cross pole which she enjoyed.

Rose was purchased after losing my old horse with a view to do dressage but I don’t think this is going to be possible as she is showing stiffness behind and over reaches.  We have spent a few months doing pole work etc to help build her muscles, but this has not produced any improvement. She can be reluctant to strike off into canter on her right rein and can put in a small buck – not every time. She has a slow and steady walk, has more of a forward trot but can drag her hinds when working in trot, but does not do this in walk and canter. She responds well to the leg, without being fizzy.

Due to the above we are selling rose as a companion and a light hack. The vet has assessed her (although no tests have been carried out, so this is not conclusive) and believes that her prognosis is light hack only, however who knows with time she may come right one day.

She has had one major spook with us, which took us by surprise as she is so chilled normally in hand, out hacking etc and she did unseat her rider. The rider was able to get back on she stood like a rock and rode home in her normal chilled out manner. It was just a spook and she did not try and get her rider off, it’s just unfortunate that i have osteoporosis of the spine so need to be careful.

We have only owned Rose since the end of August. We would like to find her a 5 star home and may consider full/permanent loan to the right home.

Up to date with vaccinations and worming.  Not had her teeth looked at during the time we have had her.

Rose has a Irish Passport and is micro chipped

Rose is currently still in light work

If you wish to have any more information or an informal chat please contact me on:-


£1000 ono

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Age 10
Height 15


Kettering, Northamptonshire


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